I flipped aimlessly at the lists of places made before the tour that I had intended to visit which did not yet have a check mark. Before I knew it, the morning was almost over and I had done nothing. It is also known as At the Golden Eagle for another house sign above the crown In the middle of the square, blocked from view by tables, chairs and large umbrellas during cafe opening hours is a 16th century iron fountain ‘caged’ by equally interesting grilles. Here is the lamp post, purportedly the only Cubist lamp post in the world. The tower was destroyed in during a civil war between Old Town and New Town factions could the fighting have been part of the Hussite wars..? The surviving tympanum was placed on the Gothic gate-entrance to a former cemetery. Not surprisingly however, given it’s historical value, the one seen in the open is merely a copy. I had already seen this building 2 weeks earlier but wanted to take another long look to admire its unique Rondo-Cubist type facade see it as circular and angular shapes and other embellishments added to the relatively more plain Cubist architecture plus, with tower-like structures on the top floor. It seems the Czech Republic is the only country with such Rondo-Cubist buildings. The building currently houses a cafe, offices, theatres and shops.

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Early history[ edit ] The Prague astronomical clock was first installed in , making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working. The region was settled as early as the Paleolithic age. Prague was also once home to an important slave market. It was rebuilt and named the Charles Bridge.

As King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, he transformed Prague into an imperial capital and it was at that time by the area the third-largest city in Europe after Rome and Constantinople.

Dec 12,  · Day 8: Prague & Hradec Králové Unfortunately, for my belly, there was to be no stair climbing as the tower was fitted with a high-speed lift (true, it was fast) that could reach any of the 10 floors, including the top floor where the observation area was located. dating to the 13th century. The rooms are located in the.

Posted by glhermine Presidential first round , congressional and regional elections were held in Chile on November 17, The President of Chile is elected for a four-year term, not immediately renewable, by a two-round system. This very long post is designed as an ex post facto guide to Chilean political history, politics and the campaign with analysis of the results than just as a usual post-election analysis.

The President may not serve consecutive terms in office, although a former President may serve a second non-consecutive term in office. Members of both houses of Congress are elected by the binomial system in two-member constituencies. The binomial system, an issue of hot debate in Chile, is an enduring legacy of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet and the negotiated transition to democracy in However, voters do not vote for party lists — they vote for two candidates, regardless of party lists.

Within each list, the candidate which won the most votes of the two candidates is elected. However, when a single list wins more than twice the number of votes cast for the second-placed list, that list obtains both seats. The binomial system establishes a structurally conservative system, in which the relative size of the two largest blocs change relatively little from election to election. The system is often criticized for the left, especially the extra-parliamentary left, because of the immobility it creates and the exclusion of weaker third parties.

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During the Hussite Wars , it was the centre of Catholic resistance to the Hussites: Prokop the Great unsuccessfully besieged it three times, and it joined the league of Catholic nobles against King George of Podebrady. Wallenstein made it his winter quarters in The town was unsuccessfully besieged by the Swedes in and The town and region have been staunchly Catholic despite the Hussite Wars.

Jan Mikuš of Hradec Králové Jan Mikus was born in Hradec Krâlové around and died shortly after Although we occasionally find mention of him in Prague, he seems to have passed most of his working career in Hradec Krâlové.

U vindt hen op www. Natuurlijk vergeten we niet de Velorex 3- en 4 wielers die werden aangedreven door een Jawa krachtbron. Ook de Ogar hoort in dit rijtje thuis en de Ital. En wist u dat ook het Belgische Socovel een tijd Jawa en CZ motorblokken heeft gebruikt voor haar motorfietsen? Om deze site tot een succes te kunnen maken heb ik de hulp nodig van de mensen die deze site bezoeken.

Ook kritiek op deze site mag worden geuit. De site kan er alleen maar beter door worden. Jelle Pultrum uit Emmeloord, CZ Deze site komt tot stand door research werk. Alle informatie wordt gehaald uit websites, boeken, tijdschriften, handleidingen en andere publikaties. Zelf heb ik ontdekt dat de diverse bronnen soms nogal uiteenlopende gegevens publiceren met betrekking tot hetzelfde item. Wij hebben daarom wel getracht hieruit de betrouwbaarste informatie voor u te filteren en op de site te publiceren.

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At the first visit on the six day after onset, the X – ray was normal. On the same day, MRI findings was osteomyelitis in the middle phalanx. However, the serum inflammatory response was negative. Serum rheumatic response was also negative, but antinuclear antibody was positive at times. On the 12th day after onset of disease, the vicinity of the epiphyseal line of the middle phalanx became erosive.

At this point, from literature search and pediatric consultation, we got a diagnosis of Microgeodic disease.

The griffin, Grijp in Dutch, Grip in Swedish and Griep in the old Low-German language, is an animal that only exists in the mythology: it’s half a lion and half a bird of prey. He mostly is portrayed as a winged animal, the upper part of the body being an eagle, and the lower part of the body being a lion.

The griffin was already known as a mythological animal in the old ages. Aristeas 7th century before Christ , the first one to mention it, called him the guard of the gold of Northern Europe and the adversary of the one-eyed Arimaspes in Scythie. In ancient Greece the griffin was considered to be an attribute of Apollo. Portrayed as a gigantic bird with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, the griffin appeared on Attic vases and in the relief art of Anatolia, Babylon and Rome.

The griffin combines the strength of a lion with the speed of an eagle. His shaggy legs have sharp claws. According to the ancient Greek the griffin came from India, and later from the far North. In the middle ages these myths get a quite different character, when people tend to believe in its real existence. In , Lonicern the following description of this animal:

The Griffin bird

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May 06,  · Hradec Kralove Czech Republic. Similar. See more. Internet Speed Meter Lite. DynamicApps. A simple and convenient tool to keep track of your Internet Speed and Data Usage. NetSpeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter. Nisarg Jhaveri. Shows network speed in the status bar to easily monitor your internet connection/5(K).

Modern and Contemporary Art: It houses the largest collection of National Gallery art. Since The Slav Epic has been on display here. Picasso, who has a spacious room to himself in the gallery, has two self-portraits and two of his nudes in addition to more abstract work. Works by Rodin, whose exhibition in Prague in the early 20th century had a profound impact on Czech sculpture for many years afterwards, include a series of busts and full-sized figure on a variety of subjects in the gallery.

It was built for the Counts of Sternberg from to The palace is owned by the city of Prague and hosts the 19th century Czech art collections of the City Gallery. The palace’s design has been influenced by French and Italian architecture, and is mostly the work of French architect Jean Baptiste Mathey. The latter also built the Buquoy Palace in Prague, which is currently the French embassy. Prior to Mathey, Domenico Orsi worked on the castle. Silvestro Carlone was the Master Builder.

The stairs between the palace and the gardens are the work of two sculptors from Dresden:

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Version B – for cyclists who really want to ride the whole way from Vienna to Prague by bicycle. It connects beautiful countryside with cultural monuments, historic towns and villages with restored castles and churches. Since much of the Czech Greenways stretches along the former Iron Curtain, where there was limited access and no development for 45 years, the countryside remained untouched and the environment clean. The Czech Greenways bicycle tour follows the Greenways route, studded in imposing castles, picturesque villages and scenic hills and woods.

You’ll ride past baroque churches, fertile vineyards, an exquisitely tended gardens, and medieval strongholds gone to ruin. You’ll admire the natural beauty of Central Europe – watch a stork nest in centuries old oak, listen to the call of a cuckoo

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Postal codes in Morocco consist of five digits, which indicate the wider area first two digits , and the postal district last three digits. The present system was introduced on January 1, List of postal codes in the Netherlands Postal codes in the Netherlands are alphanumeric, consisting of four digits followed by two letters. Adding the house number to the postcode will identify the address, making the street name and town name redundant.

New Zealand Main article: Postcodes in New Zealand A new postcode system has been introduced in New Zealand for all mail, unlike the old system, which was only used for mail sent in bulk. It has four-digit codes with a much finer granularity than the old codes, with each suburb and PostShop lobby having its own postal code. The first two digits specify the area, the third digit specifies the type of delivery street, PO Box, Private Bag, or Rural delivery , and the last digit specifies the specific lobby, RD number, or suburb.

Nigeria Postal codes in Nigeria are numeric, consisting of six digits. The second and third digits, combined with the first, are the dispatch district for outgoing sorting. The last three digits are for delivery.

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The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions. Very highly detailed moldings.

Ráda bych se seznámila s mužem, který je rozumný, hodný, ví co v životě chce a rád jezdí na výlety a za kulturou. Asi bych měla napsat, že co se týče vzhledu, hledám vysokého muže (cca cm), mužnější postavy, ani menší bříško nevadí.

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Farago’s list of Bormann’s treasure above has been partially verified by Adam Lebor, as he specifically list the same quantities of gold and diamonds. This brief look at the Bormann treasure transferred to Argentina readily illustrates the difficulty of sorting fact from fiction in the tales of Nazi loot. Author, Uki Goni has also presented proof of the difficulties encountered in relying on Argentina records. He has found that those records have been purged of incriminating files on at least two different occasions.

Several U-Boats arrived in Argentine waters after the capitulation of Germany. They were the carriers of bundles of documents, industrial patents, and securities.

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