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Your place for Chinese dramas, Korean dramas and more with a soft spot for wuxia and anything historical. Imagine a panda watching dramas past the wee ours of the night, that’s us. Princess of Lanling King’s Peng Guan Ying and Kristy Zhang posted by Anne J on November 28, Leave a comment This is literally just gossip that has been circling the rumor mill for a while and if you are still interested, then keep on reading. Having had her start as a singer in a Chinese variety show called Super Girl in , Zhang’s showbiz career was the opposite of smooth-sailing due to problems with her previous management company though it makes her comeback all the more satisfying as the beautiful Princess Lanling.

The same goes for Peng Guan Yin who has been in a number of dramas but never quite the showstopper.


Your place for Chinese dramas, Korean dramas and more with a soft spot for wuxia and anything historical. Imagine a panda watching dramas past the wee ours of the night, that’s us. It reads as follows. To the friends who are concerned and love Zhang Han and Nazha: Thank you for your continued support and love over such a long period. Their relationship the past three years is a beautiful life experience.

There is a start and there is an end, here we honestly inform friends and the media: Zhang Han, Nazha broke up around October of this year. We feel great regret as this relationship has received too much exposure and pressure from the outside world and also because of their respective goals in terms of their career, they don’t often get to meet, hence, both parties have decided to make this decision after giving it much thought.

Even though they can no longer move forward as a couple, they value the relationship very much and give their most sincere wishes for each other’s future.

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The 16, semifinalists nationally scored in the top 0. However, minimum scores to be a semifinalist vary by state, with the highest cutoffs in Massachusetts and D. Looking at the California semifinalists announced in , well, holy moly, there are a lot of East Asians. You wouldn’t think I’d be surprised after all these years, but I still am.

For example, there are 36 semifinalists with the last name of Kim and 49 named Wang.

On Christmas Day, Zhang Han Studio and Nazha Studio have released a joint statement on weibo to confirm that Zhang Han and Gulnezer Bextiyar who have been dating for three years have called it reads as follows.

The time World Kickboxing Champion talks about his prolific action movie career 30 titles and counting! Judging from the interview, we have a lot more to look forward to from the Martial Arts Hall of Famer, including a film called Blood Raid, which may be his answer to The Expendables. So, basically, can you explain how you ended up appearing in New York Chinatown?

I enrolled in acting classes, got an agent, and began the auditioning process like everyone else. Everyone is curious about an in-development movie you have talked about called The B-Team aka the low-budget Expendables with fellow martial arts actors like Michael Dudikoff, etc. Can you tell us if this film is still in the works? You seem to be part of an ensemble cast, including Bolo Yeung and Armand Assante.

Who exactly do you play in it? Can you tell us more about this film? He is a fellow martial artist and I helped him learn the business so he asked me to appear as a Chinese Triad Gang Leader. I had a scene with Olivier Gruner and another with Armand Assante. Can you tell us more about this movie? When exactly will we get to see this movie? It may be ready for Cannes next year.

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Prehistory[ edit ] In , a metatarsal from ” Callao Man “, discovered in , was dated through uranium-series dating as being 67, years old. Fox, an anthropologist from the National Museum. These include the Homo sapiens , as distinguished from the mid-Pleistocene Homo erectus species.

And what about this girl? Interested in dating this beautiful, famous, white girl? Well, unfortunately, she’s taken already by an ASIAN GUY. Impossible as it may sound, here’s the proof.

They asked if it wasn’t really acting. Read more to know about it. It was mentioned that Suzy is against her boyfriend’s closeness with “Heirs” co-actress Park Shin Hye. This is in relation with Suzy still working with Woo Bin in the hit. Last week, a Chinese news organization reported that the couple had actually been dating for two. I was embarrassed and humiliated.

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UC users only Stenger, Josh. The persistence of whiteness: P47 Whitney, Allison. Sugar, spice, and everything nice: Wayne State University Press, c Main Gardner Stacks PN

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Descendants of the Sun Episode 11 Recap Posted on by ockoala This was one perfunctory episode of Descendants of the Sun and it came so unexpectedly, an hour that felt more like a crawl at really no fault of any particular element. The story line was pushed forward in ways that seemed to check off boxes — contain viral outbreak, check; little girl in peril, check; bad guy makes his move, check; guys worried about their girlfriends, check; mopey doctor gets absolution, check.

Shi Jin and Mo Yeon either got less interesting now that they are dating, or their sizzle is predicated on flirting and banter and there was very little of that in this episode. Myung Joo and Dae Young missing each other was nicely played even if the odds of her dying from the M3 viral was next to none. I really hope this is a mid-series hump and the next episode gets back to business.

Of the two doctors exposed to the M3 virus, Myung Joo is the unfortunate one who tests positive and Mo Yeon dodges this virulent bullet. Both are crying and Myung Joo is the first to pull apart from the hug, ordering Dae Young to do as she says. Next scene shows that Myung Joo is now isolated in the same room as the Manager.

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I really don’t know much more about this smoking hot Japanese babe – but here are some picture to make up fr it. Riya is trained in Kathak, a classical dance of Northern India, and is still pursuing it under Vijayshree Chaudhury. During her stay in Mumbai, the media romantically linked her to model and actor John Abraham.

In the Bollywood press, she was, in , speculatively linked to the novelist Salman Rushdie, although both stated that they were simply good friends. Shortly before the release of Silsiilay, in which she starred opposite her boyfriend Ashmit Patel, a second video clip was circulated through Multimedia Messaging Services and the internet, showing the pair in compromising situations.

Following this incident, the couple split up, although Riya denied that she was the girl in the MMS clip.

An examination of the blood smear (or film) may be requested by physicians or initiated by laboratory staff. With the development of sophisticated automated blood-cell analyzers, the proportion of blood-count samples that require a blood smear has steadily diminished and .

Link [Dispatch] It began in Seoul. Traveled across Paris, and fueled up in London. It was love that crossed the borders of Korea, France, and England. Distance was meaningless for the two of them. Their love jumped over the distance between Seoul and Paris 8, km, and the distance between Paris and London km. Their destination was different. Their schedules were also different.

But after all their schedule had ended, their movement had matched: D-Day, their Date Day was on 15th.

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Marlon Wayans, Regina Hall, Scott Foley When Rob Anderson Marlon Wayans , a charming man-child, arrives in Charleston the night… more When Rob Anderson Marlon Wayans , a charming man-child, arrives in Charleston the night before he is about to marry the woman of every man’s dreams, Megan Swope Regina Hall , he hasn’t written his vows, learned the steps for the first dance, or even remembered to bring the ring. Instead of taking care of his responsibilities, Rob goes out for a night on the town with his best man.

Then something unexpected happens Rob wakes up naked in an elevator with no idea how he got there.

Janice Sep 17 am Dear little sister min young. You got the natural beauty and also talented. We hope you find your life partner soon and take care of your health. Please don’t let us wait so long.

But when it comes to acting, these female idols cannot be left behind. Known as K-Pop idols turned actors, these beautiful and pretty idols have already proven themselves when it comes to acting. They are indeed talented, successful, and popular. Here are the 20 beautiful K-Pop idols turned actress. This list is not in order. She starred recently in the drama Uncontrollably Fond together with Kim Woo-bin.

With her exceptional talent in acting, Suzy received several awards including the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards for her films, Architecture and The Sound of a Flower. She also won numerous awards for her drama performances as best actress. This multi-talented girl became extremely successful not only in her singing career, but in her acting career as well.

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Ling-chi Wang Overview China, or Zhongguo the Middle Kingdom , the third largest country in the world, occupies a significant portion of southeast Asia. The land mass, 3, , square miles 9, , sq. Three major rivers flow through China: Eighty-five percent of China’s land is nonarable, and the rest is regularly plagued by flood and drought. Upon this land, China now feeds its 1.

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Nobel laureate in Physics.; Min Chueh Chang, co-inventor of the combined oral contraceptive pill.; Shiing-Shen Chern, mathematician and winner of the Wolf Prize for his work in differential geometry.; Steven Chu, Nobel laureate in Physics in for research on cooling and trapping atoms using laser light and former United States Secretary of Energy.

Wed, 19 Sep The following text is excerpted with permission from The Diversity Delusion: Where are the faculty? American college students are increasingly resorting to brute force, and sometimes criminal violence, to shut down ideas that they don’t like. Yet when such travesties occur, the faculty are, with few exceptions, missing in action, though they have themselves been given the extraordinary privilege of tenure to protect their own liberties of thought and speech.

It is time for them to take their heads out of the sand. Several calls went out on Facebook to “shut down” this “notorious white supremacist fascist Heather Mac Donald. We stand against all forms of oppression and we refuse to have Mac Donald speak. The event organizers notified me a day before the speech that a protest was planned and that they were considering changing the venue from CMC’s Athenaeum to one with fewer glass windows and easier egress. When I arrived on campus, I was shuttled to what was, in effect, a safe house: I could hear the growing crowds chanting and drumming, but I could not see the auditorium that the protesters were surrounding.

One female voice rose above the chants with particularly shrill hysteria. From the balcony, I saw a petite blond female walk by, her face covered by a Palestinian keffiyeh head scarf and carrying an amplifier on her back for her bullhorn. A lookout was stationed about forty yards away, and students were seated on the stairway under my balcony, plotting strategy.

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